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We make our specific expertise in large EPC(M) and Tier-client environments, projects and contracts available to bridge the capability gap experienced by OEM and technology suppliers, by providing:

Project, Program and Portfolio Management:

  • Project, contract and construction management in sustaining/brownfield to mega-capital greenfield projects, plant maintenance shutdowns and equipment refurbishment mandates
  • Project and technical specialist supervision; which allows the OEM/Technology supplier resources to remain focused on their tasks at hand
  • Performance improvement against project/contract/client Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We are able to:
    • assess existing KPI shortfalls being experienced by an OEM/Technology supplier
    • Develop and implement corrective action plans aimed at attaining and exceeding client/project KPI requirements
    • Align OEM/Technology supplier systems and resources so as to ensure ongoing adherence and KPI achievement
    • Provide temporary capabilities and resources to enable the attainment of KPIs; should OEM/Technology supplier resources be unavailable/limited

Engineering & Technical Support:

  • Proof-of-concept and third party design engineering simulation and analysis
  • RCA and technical failure analysis assistance; including report and recommendation compilation
  • Technical specifications and documentation preparation per client/project-specific requirements
  • Engineering, Design and implementation of ancillary equipment and services which may not be within the OEM/Technology supplier’s core capabilities or resource capacity.

Contract Management:

Whether simply requiring additional contracts or claims management support or to bolster OEM/Technology supplier team capabilities, we can assist by providing:

  • Contract administration, -management, claims management and dispute resolution support in accordance with both OEM and client/project contractual requirements
  • Proposal and bid preparation assistance that meets large project and client tender and Request-For-Proposal requirements

Our OEM/Technology Supplier clients include


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Tier Clients

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