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Prizm Engineering Successfully Mitigates Risk and Saves Costs for LNG Company

Posted Friday, May 12th, 2023


Working with one of our large Oil & Gas sector clients, Prizm was engaged to assist with the mitigation and management of risks associated with repairs to socket weld failures on the client’s process plant gas pipework.

The project spanned four years from solution development, engineering design, scope optimization, to execution of the selected solution. Prizm Engineering was responsible for managing the detailed engineering, procurement, and installation of instrument bracing to eliminate ongoing failures.

Prizm Engineering managed the installation of bracing during plant operation for all non-insulated, acoustic, and hot insulated lines and during three turnarounds for all cryogenic lines. The project was executed with zero lost-time incidents and zero re-work. Prizm Engineering assisted with the engagement of ten contractors and five subcontractors and developed eleven scopes of work documents.


Prizm Engineering successfully managed the installation of the braces over the course of the project, completing all work two months ahead of schedule with reduced costs attached. One significant outcome of this work was the ability to reduce the total installed cost by nearly half of the original estimate value. The team installed 366 braces consuming in excess of 160,000 execution man-hours and 9,000 Engineering & Project Management man-hours.


One of the significant challenges Prizm Engineering faced was executing the project during the Covid pandemic. The team overcame this challenge by adhering to strict safety protocols and leveraging technology to facilitate remote collaboration. Another challenge was managing the installation of braces during plant operation, which required careful planning and coordination to avoid disruption to the facility’s production.


By successfully mitigating and managing the risk associated with socket weld failure, Prizm Engineering was able to ensure the long-term reliability of the plant. The ability to reduce project cost by nearly half of the original estimates and complete all work ahead of schedule resulted in significant cost savings for our client. Furthermore, the project was executed with zero Lost Time Injuries, demonstrating Prizm Engineering’s commitment to safety and the well-being of their employees and contractors.

Prizm Engineering Successfully Mitigates Risk and Saves Costs for LNG Company